Egyptian protesters release 1000 prisoners

As the anti government protests continued on the streets on Sunday, a group of the agitators was successful in releasing thousands of prisoners including 34 members of the country’s banned political party, Muslim Brotherhood, challenging curfew orders and a military clampdown.

The protests simmered even on Sunday as thousands of Egyptians clamored on Tahrir Square and elsewhere and protested demanding nothing less than ruling President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation ending the 30 year regime.

However in an effort to contain the protests military tanks and infantry were deployed throughout the country protecting key civil and financial structures. Mr. Mubarak had met the military security staff on Sunday. The military faced less ire from the crowds as they felt safer from the police clampdown which had claimed 102 lives and left thousands injured.

The blockade was extended to media also as Al jazeera’s Cairo office has been closed. Its telecast had been whipping up the protests which had been joined by the Nobel laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei.

In a first of its kind, Mubarak named Egyptian spy chief, Omar Suleiman to the post of vice president on Saturday as international criticism started snowballing including a US and Turkey offer to evacuate citizens from the land in case of emergency.


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